My friends part 1 (The stephie)

Nov 27, 2009

One day, I was asked by a friend, 'If I was a cupcake, what would i be?' It got me thinking, this question. And so, I've decided to come up with a series of desserts (I'd love to do all cupcakes, but unfortunately, I'm not that creative. ^.^) inspired by my friends. And to kick off, I begin with 'The Stephie'.

So...Let me introduce you to Stephanie Boey, Assunta's resident Marilyn Monroe. A firm believer of partying hard, looking good and not letting people know how smart you really are, don't wanna fighten anyone off do we? A sarcastically witty street walker, she'll 'break your face' if you piss her off. The spunky lass may be Phillipino Chinese by birth, but anyone in the know knows that she's pure, passionate Indian. I've known Stephie for a really long time, about 6 years now I think. She's the kind of person you'd want with you if you got mugged in a dark alley. In exchange for 'protection', I ply her with baked goods. ;-)

Ladies and Gentlemen it's my pleasure to present,


The epitome of a Stephanie.
Moist chocolate cake, dyed a deep maroon topped of with a good wallop of cream cheese icing ( One of her vices CHEESE ) and a pair of gumpaste lips.
I chose this cupcake for Steph based on a number of reasons.
Let's take a look at Marilyn Monroe, THE sex symbol of her time. A curvy, gorgeous young woman who played a starring role in every man's (married or single) fantasy. Marilyn was always given the 'dumb blonde' roles, but, atleast I think, she was a really sharp woman. She knew how to get what she wanted, and she played the game just right.
Same concepts apply to Stephie.

She KNOWS things this little minx. Her street smarts and wit are bound to take her far. She'll wheedle her way to get what she wants, and nobody will have even noticed she wheedled. A loyal friend to have who'll make you laugh and will willingly beat up anyone who even attempts hurting you.
If you're wondering about the lips, check out her blog here
So Steph,
here's to you.

*If you're interested in the recipe, please check back soon. I've lost mine (BAD FOOD BLOGGER!! BAD, BAD FOOD BLOGGER!) But I WILL find it and post it up. *determined*

It won't be long now......

Nov 19, 2009

2 days down...... I don't even wanna know how many more till freedom.

By the way, this post is dedicated to a special friend of mine Wen 'Penguin' Yuin, who told me in school today that my blog was dead. ;-) Anyways, SPM has been really sapping me dry, and quite frankly, I can't wait for it all to be over. In the meantime however, I still have to slog at subjects I can't say I really like*coughmoralcough*. But I'm allowing myself a bit of blogging time today, so here's a recipe that I used a while ago and have been meaning to share.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

~200 g semi sweet chocolate
~2/3 cups sugar
~6 eggs
~100 g butter, softened
~pinch of salt
~1/2 cup cream, whipped to stiff peaks.

1) melt chocolate over a bow of simmering water and let cool.
2) beat together butter and sugar and salt till light and fluffy.
3)beat in eggs one at a time, the mixture should thicken by the time all the eggs are beaten in.
4)GENTLY fold in the whipped cream.
5) pour into an 8-inch round cake pan, that has been buttered and lined or floured. Cover this with a sheet of aluminium foil 6) put the set up into another bigger pan that will still fit in your oven. 7)carry the lot and place in a 160'C oven. 8) pour hot water into the 2nd pan till it fills up halfway.
9) bake for 1-1 1/2 hours.
10) when you take it out, the middle of the cake will be a wee bit jiggly, don't worry about that. Take the cake pan (the one with the cake in it) out and wipe the bottom dry. Let it cool on a wire rack.
11) chill for 3hours-overnight.
12) Turn out onto serving plate, and go straight to heaven. :-D

I know the purple part seems a bit fiddly, but don't worry, it's actually REALLY simple. You're basically just putting your cake pan, into ANOTHER cake pan filled with water. This helps everything cook evenly. And OH MY CUPCAKE is it worth it.

I took one bite out of this baby and I...oh.....I mean I......aaaahhh......I actually......oh yeeeesss..... I.....nearly......GOD....

Let's just say I had to have a moment alone after the first bite. ;-)
Happy baking!

So sorry...

Nov 13, 2009

Ok, this isn't an update, atleast not a proper one. Just wanted to let you all know that SPM will be over and done with soon, so I'll be back uploading recipes, just like old times ;-)
Also, I've just joined 'The Daring Kitchen'
and am waiting approval. Basically, it's a group of people all over the world who come together via the internet and bake/cook (depending if you're a 'daring baker' or a 'daring cook') using a particular recipe.
I think I'll be approved in December, so I bet it'll be Christmas themed!!