My 17th Birthday!!

Aug 7, 2009

Old much? LOL

It's a little late, but I turned 17 last Saturday!!!And since I'd been wanting to do it for AGES, I had myself a picnic. You know, just a few friends in the park with some good food....Ok...maybe not SOME good food, we had Quite a bit.

~ Mee hoon
~Tuna Sandwiches
~Cinnamon buns

~Chocolate chip cookies

~Prawn Wan tan
~Mashed potatoes
~COKE (by Sulu's request)

So, I rounded up a few people to come and makan with me at Taman Jaya. A big THANK YOU to:

XD XD Sorry you guys, you know that when you're my guest, you're BOUND to be stuffed. I'm just glad you all left full and bursting to the brim
Eventhough some of you could afford to eat dinner that day.

Thanks so much for taking the time to come and spend time with me. Anybody up for round 3 soon? I was thinking Pizza and creme brulee.....

Till we can do it ALL over again,

You CANNOT break up this set, they're like Wedgewood China. :)

*All photos courtesy of Kate Ng and Stephanie Boey,